Is Social Media Keeping You Unemployed?

Is Social Media Keeping You Unemployed?

Is Social Media Keeping You Unemployed?

How many times have you been on your Facebook, saw someone post something all dramatic and thought- “oh geeze…”
How many times do you think someone else has thought that about one of your posts?

Fact is, we all make mistakes. Unfortunately for us, everything we do now is embellished, emphasized and retweeted/shared for the whole world to see. If you don’t want to share your secrets, don’t tell anyone. Same thing on social media.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”amd5555″ suffix=”#ragstoriches”]Social media is gaining huge traction in the workplace. Employers are now looking up your pages to learn more about you and who you are. [/inlinetweet]

CareerBuilder recently surveyed 2138 hiring managers and HR pros and 3022 adults employed across numerous industries. Almost half of employers said they use social media to research potential employees (43%) and 12% of the other half said they were going to start! This all leads to the greater question, “Why should I hire you?”

Why should I hire you?

According to your Facebook, you drink 5 nights out of the week, your friends are covered in tattoos and piercings and you flash the bird in 8/10 pictures. Does this really make me want to bring you around my clients? Sure, all of your friends think you’re the coolest kid ever, but you’re trying to sell yourself in a new market. They are the ones who need to think you’re cool- Cool and Professional.

Kevin Magee, Chairman and Chief Idea Officer of Smashing Pixels Inc wrote a humorous article titled, 10 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media. Take a look at them and filter out your profile if you want to get hired-also if you don’t want to get jacked. Really guys, don’t post your credit cared information on social media.

There is a brighter side!  There are people you should emulate. As much as your dumb and idiotic posts won’t get you the job, there are also posts and social media behavior that will!

A third of the employers surveyed said by looking at the social media pages of their candidates, they discovered things that made them want to hire them! The top 5 things employers look for when they are looking at your accounts and want to hire you are:
• Got a good (or better) feel for the candidate’s personality (46%).
• Candidate’s background supported his/her stated professional qualifications (45%).
• Candidate’s site projected a professional image (43%).
• Candidate apparently well-rounded, obviously had a wide range of interests (40%).
• Great communication skills (40%).



See, her Internet celebrity made her popular for her current employer 😉

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