Reddit’s Commercial Cuts

Reddit’s Commercial Cuts

Reddit’s Commercial Cuts

Brands spend millions of dollars each year developing their version of a perfect 30-to-90 second television ads, so it’s pretty hilarious to see that some reddit users and simple edits can turn these carefully crafted ads into dark hilarious comedies.

Check out this cut of the famous cheerios commercial, where Gracie learns the horrible truth.
(source : The A.V. Club)

Some of these cuts are clever, seamless stitchings like this cheerios one, while others are full on complete sound edits. Like this absurd/profane lunchables ad.

Or how about this hilarious ford focus ad, showcasing new automatic parking?

Regardless of the absurdity, these ads still serve a purpose and benefit the creator/company responsible for the original. Although the message originally intended may be long gone the product and company are still represented resulting in an influx of massive free content marketing. One of the rules on the subreddit is “The majority of the video MUST be the original commercial/audio,” so this means that the video will still be showcased and people will be able to find the original to compare the subtle edits.

The Subreddit has a total of 21,976 Readers who view and discuss these hilarious ad’s. That’s alot of free exposure these companies are getting as well as original viral content. I feel the lesson that can be learned here is that even though groups like this may seem antagonistic towards the company/product they’re doing a lot to spread the content and maybe bring new life to old dead commercials, still providing you value. Remember, any PR is good PR.

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