Productive Napping at Work

Productive Napping at Work

Productive Napping at Work

Have you ever noticed how once you become familiar with something new, you begin to see the same idea everywhere? This happens a lot with me. For example, I’ll learn a new word, then all of a sudden it seems, I begin to hear this word everywhere! I’ll hear about a book I want to read, then all kinds of people will come up to me telling me how they’ve also already read this book and how amazing it is.

This odd coincidence happened to me this week. If you all don’t already know, I’m a busy person. I manage my life around two jobs and a full-time school curriculum. At times it seems impossible of course, but I try to push through it. They tell me there’s this light at the end of the tunnel. I think I may still be wearing my sunglasses. Hopefully that’s the only reason I can’t always see it.

Anyway! Since I have been extra busy this week, I have been advised to take a nap, while at work, on the company couch, during operating hours. This just seems completely ridiculous to me. Now, ridiculous has a negative stigma attached to it. I don’t mean laughable or stupid necessarily, but it’s just not a concept I have ever really thought of before!


Here’s where it gets weird.


Part of my job here at STANCE is to become familiar with other blog posts out there on the web and also generate insight for my followers on social media platforms. I try to use these blog posts as the insight for my followers because I hope one day, someone else will use my information as the knowledge they’re providing their followers. Usually, on a normal week, the information that I find is more so on the basis of logistics or marketing tools. This week, I noticed way more information on the health benefits of napping, and napping while at work! YES, this is an actual thing, people!

According to the information I found, a 20 minute nap can completely revolutionize your once tired body into a lean mean, branding machine (okay, that wasn’t necessarily the word usage. I improvised a little). I always turned down the offer of napping because I felt that I wouldn’t want to wake up and I would be so groggy when I awoke that I would not want to accomplish anything after.

Apparently, [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@stancebranding” suffix=””]while you’re napping for a mere 20 minutes, the whole world refocuses and becomes a better place for you to be productive[/inlinetweet]. The stars align and all of a sudden, you can do anything! That’s probably why they call them power naps though. In only 10-20 minutes of sleeping, alertness and motor learning skills are improved and your learning capacity is broadened. So whenever you feel tired and unproductive, instead of trying to push through, take a nap. Twenty minutes of your time for a nap will be nothing compared to the amount of time you will waste while being unproductive.
All this typing made me tired. Time for a nap.

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