NGATHA International

National Global Association for Thrift and Humanitarian Aid.

Ngatha International is truly a grass-roots organization that changes the lives of HIV/Aids orphans. Their first children’s homestead and learning center was opened in Kenya at the beginning of 2007.

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To support the cause, NGATHA International holds an annual fundraiser giving communities the opportunity to contribute to the organization. All the funds raised go towards the orphanage. NGATHA International approached STANCE to document the event as a medium to create awareness.


STANCE’s creative team organized candid interviews with key volunteers to hear about their experience working with NGATHA. This was compiled into a video highlight of the entire evening which captures the lively spirit of NGATHA as an organization.

Successful Brand Awareness

To communicate NGATHA’s purpose the short video was able to capture the severity of the situation at hand as well as capture the joy of being part of NGATHA’s cause.

STANCE also redesigned NGATHA’s website and created a brand awareness campaign titled “Get Involved Today” with a donate button prominently displayed on the site to make it easy for interested browsers to contribute.

The video has been showcased in numerous avenues including college campuses and it never fails to evoke a positive emotional response.