Persona Development

Persona Development

Mascots, aka spokescreatures, are branding elements that can help people better remember your company and products. Often based on people, animals, or objects, mascots enable your target audience to better identify, remember, and understand your company and products.

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Unlike spokespeople that age, die, have affairs and do other things that can damage your brand, mascots are ageless brand representatives that help your target audience develop a closer relationship with your products.

  • Helping to understand product benefits
  • Helping to remember the name.
  • Brand mascots can take the role of the ‘spokesperson’
  • Brand mascots work very hard at Point of Sale, making direct eye contact with the shopper and standing out with their bright, simplified graphics in cluttered environments.

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We believe that great brands stand for something. Brands that commit to a meaningful STANCE—and those who engage with them—win.

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STANCE is a Las Vegas Branding Agency dedicated to elevating meaningful brands by leveraging purpose, strategy, design, video & technology to deliver differentiation through strong positioning & beautifully designed brand touch points.

Our purpose is to elevate meaningful brands so that they can elevate the lives of those they serve.