The Original Pocket Books

The Original Pocket Books

The Original Pocket Books

L&PM is the top publisher of pocket books in Brazil. Enlisting the help of FreeSurf and DM9Rio advertising agency, they managed to create an exclusive jean collection with real stories, poems and tales written by famous authors.


“great stories can fit in your pocket”






This whole campaign really served well to strengthen the brand in the public eye. Showing the companies message about the importance and beauty of stories, while providing an awesome jean collection, something people already needed. The whole idea was to communicate the convenience of the pocket book format as opposed to regular books, and they succeeded.


Now of course the video was created by the ad agency responsible for the campaign, so their is a bit of a bias on just how awesome it was, and the attributed 13% sales is definitely sketchy especially coming from a company that’s essentially advertising themselves and just how awesome they are for being involved.


Although the campaign was great and definitely did play a part in building brand strength and awareness, my main critique is how the whole thing didn’t strongly tie back to the L&PM brand. No where in the “The Original Pocketbook” campaign was L&PM really pronounced as a brand responsible for the jeans. Sure it was on the pockets, but it was under to the Original pocketbooks logo, making it seem like it was a separate company that partnered with The Original Pocketbook. Maybe this was on purpose as the design style was also vastly different than anything on L&PM’s website, regardless, I feel more attention should have been paid to tying back to the brand it was promoting.


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