Nescafé’s Pop-Up Cups | Case Study

Nescafé’s Pop-Up Cups | Case Study

Nescafé’s Pop-Up Cups | Case Study

Your daily routine may be quite lonely- especially for those coffee deprived. Imagine casually reading the morning newspaper, and suddenly all your attention is drawn to a bright red full-page ad that looks like something out of a pop-up book. Upon opening the ad, readers can unfold the paper mugs and fill them with hot water to produce an instant drink. The two mugs encourage readers to share their moment with someone around them, whether it be a stranger, co-worker, or friend.


Nescafé’s Pop-Up Café reintroduces coffee’s value in social communication. Nescafé simply wants to bring people together to drink their morning cup of coffee. Their innovative strategies work well to stress the everyday importance of their product, emphasizing an instant coffee experience that is both productive and spontaneous.

Nescafé has recognized what they need to communicate to stay relevant in a world dominated by huge coffee chains and and the “experience” of a cafe. The brand is beginning to emphasize the secondary and tertiary benefits that come along with the awesome advantage of a sweet, caffeinated boost.


Check out the video:

All and all, Nescafé’s social experiment is a refreshing example of how brands are capable of reintroducing key social elements back into consumer culture.


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