The Importance of Brand Positioning

The Importance of Brand Positioning

The Importance of Brand Positioning

Some of the best brands go out of their way to own a word or phrase as well as a related space in consumers’ minds, which becomes each brand’s position in the marketplace. In simple terms, a successful brand positioning strategy allows a brand image and identity to quickly and effectivly give meaning for consumers and differentiate it from competitor brands.

Consumers build brands, not companies.

In the end it’s consumers who experience a brand, develop expectations for it, and believe the brand promise. Because of this we believe, your brand’s position must not only be believable and unique but also meaningful. Consumers in this day and age, are gravitating more towards brands that offer meaningful differentiation because they want to be part of something bigger than themselves.



Brand positioning is also important in focusing a brand. A focused brand is a powerful brand. A brand position needs to be highly focused for best results. Vans for example, is a brand that focuses on appealing to a certain demographic. That being Skaters, identifying their brand shoe with the cool lifestyle of someone who skates. Their efforts have been drawing traffic to customers who don’t even skate but want to be apart of something.


The traditional consumer is bombarded with messages every day, making it harder for consumers to keep track of everything. There is no time to sort through weak messages and find one’s way out of a jumble of confusing messages. Focus is key to brand success.



Exhibit 1


Brand Positioning at STANCE

At STANCE, we’ve chosen to focus on Brand Positioning. We could have easily tried to be another cookie cutter “full-service” branding agency. However, we made a conscious decision not to. By doing so, it allows us to focus our efforts and therefore be able to be really great at one thing. Providing value to our customers through strong brand positioning.

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