Honda Summer Cheerance Campaign

Honda Summer Cheerance Campaign

Honda Summer Cheerance Campaign

Honda has really throttled their summer social media marketing campaign on overdrive. Teaming up with RPA agency, the brand found a way to get attention for its summer clearance event and it created a buzz both in the online and offline. Remember when car dealers used to go on T.V. and hang banners and flags outside their dealerships that screamed, “Sale! Sale! Sale!”? Well think of this as that, but online.

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They’ve also created 62 short little videos with the goal of spreading cheer and happiness.

The campaign primarily focuses on Twitter, while also using Facebook and YouTube. The interesting part is how Cheerance is also spreading joy and happiness in the real world. As the brand will place piñatas at random locations and bury treasures on the beach for people to find them via the Cheerance Detector.

In addition to all this, the brand hooked up with YouTuber Andrew Hales to create a video entitled, “Dancing With People.” In it, Hales dances with random strangers he meets “to help spread cheer for the Honda Summer Cheerance event.”

If all that wasn’t enough, the brand also created a Pandora Summer Cheerance Station to which people could subscribe. This channel features music as well as 60-second comedy bits from comedian Steve Simeone.

All and all, it’s clear that this massive campaign was carefully thought out and planned, not just utilizing one medium but many, maximizing the engagement with people. It’s very impressive to see all this work done just to promote a clearance sale, something that in itself drives traffic (pun intended).

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