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What Our Logo Reveal Means

What Our Logo Reveal Means

Can you communicate a concept in approximately 5 seconds? We attempted to do just that.


Communicate what STANCE stands for in 5 seconds…


A 5 second logo reveal animation. Here’s the breakdown…

Before reading this, watch the video below and see what you make of it. Then come back and read the creative direction behind it.


The Breakdown

The STANCE logo reveal opens with 5 bars which stand for the 5 counterweights that we leverage to elevate a brand.; Purpose, Strategy, Design, Video & Technology.

This results to the “Λ” icon which we call “the elevation symbol”, that also stands for the “A” in our logo.

As a result of leveraging the 5 counterweights, a brand is elevated- this is reflected in the transition as the elevation symbol elevates and fades out at the top of the frame.

The final frame fades in show our full word mark. It fades in, in an upward movement to reinforce what we stand for followed by our tagline “Elevating Meaningful Brands™ to declare our positioning.


Watch video below and let us know if we nailed the concept or not…

Bringing Your Data Visualization To Life

Bringing Your Data Visualization To Life

Now more than ever we thrive on data. We want to take these polls and then see where we fit. Yes, maybe more people might like to have the ability to eat without getting fat or more people want to know what their pet is thinking about them, but what does that all mean? Or even better, how do you explain it? These become especially pertinent questions when your campaign has finished and you’re left with all these numbers or you now know where most Las Vegas tourists are from.

However, sometimes answering these questions requires data visualization. That is, presenting numbers, stats and important information in a visually pleasing way. It’s a great way to create interactivity and keep your audience longer on your site. The key is to realize what is the best way to present the information and when to make it interactive or just static.


Below is a list of different approaches to present your data and some free tools that may help you.


Photo Gallery

This can be either linear (if you have a selection of photos that tell a story in a needed order) or nonlinear for when you just want to show a collection of photos. On most website platforms, including WordPress, you can simply upload your photos, however if you want a program to present the photos,  WOW Slider is an easy and effective way to doing that.


Static Infographic

This is a great tool to simply show a chart or several diagrams explaining a topic you’re discussing. Venngage is an easy-to-use tool that will let you customize your infographic and be presentation-ready for your next occasion.


Interactive Infographic

These have been the biggest rage the past couple years, as it’s a great way to show off your data while sparking your audience’s eye with visually-pleasing graphics. Info.gram is a great way to create a chart from your Excel sheet and present/share your information in a simple interactive infographic.



Let’s say you want to show where people most want the ability for super speed versus the ability of invisibility. You have all these locations but no way to show it. A good approach would be to create a map with ScribbleMaps, which will not only show their location, but also show details about who is in that location. This is where mapping meets interactivity.


Your Resume

It’s crazy to think there’s all these tools for data visualization, but one that’s rather interesting is a new approach to presenting your resume to future employers. helps you create an interactive resume that gives you infographics turning your work experience into a data visualization.

So no matter which route you choose, just realize and consider what the best approach would be to creating data visualization. Yes, you want to impress your readers but don’t go overboard by providing a cool interactive map when just a static infographic is necessary to show how many people want to read minds.

Rebrand -You Need To Let Go

Rebrand -You Need To Let Go

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”amd5555″ suffix=”#rebrandbreakup”]Going through a rebrand can be difficult. Like a break up. We didn’t necessarily end badly, but we still can’t be together. We need to let go.[/inlinetweet]

Let go of the negativity, let go of the bad memories, but still hold on to what makes you, well you. Because you’re cool! You just had someone else who made you seem less cool-and that sucks.


Rebranding is exactly the same. Your brand is cool. You already have traffic to your business, a well developed customer base, but you’re still lacking IT. You’re not where you want to be with your business, just like after a break up, you’re not where you want to be in life.

break up

So follow me through a post-breakup journey!

After a break up,

you probably change your look- a new haircut, new hair color, change outfit styles (btw, those shoes totally rock). How about a logo redesign for your business? Lets freshen up those colors, cleaner edges, a newer font! Because he was so last season…

After a break up,

you want to reconnect with your friends and the people you lost touch with when they were your everything. How about a customer survey or a social media campaign? Get to know your customers. Find out what they love about you, find out what they think you need to change (aside from drowning in your post breakup tears), and find out where they see you going. Their information is super valuable and FREE. They love you! They’ll do anything to see you succeed! Keep them around and use them to your advantage. It’s a win for you to have their input. It’s a win for them to see you flourish.

After a break up,

you want to be single. Single means you’re meeting new people, trying new things, and trying to find yourself again. Perfect! Find new customers, trying something fresh and hip-go with the times, but don’t lose that edge that made you different from everyone else. During the peak of love, we become comfortable, like our partners, satisfied. Single means we have a new lust for life! We become addicted to what the world is doing, and we want to become a part of it. Rebrand yourself! Rebrand your brand!

The hardest part after a break up is seeing things that remind you of that person wherever you go. “Oh, that’s where we shared our first milkshake together. That bench is where we had our first kiss. That new job is where he found his new girlfriend!”  <–that was a joke…

Anyway! It is hard, but nothing good is easy. We must strip ourselves of anything that is them, without losing ourselves, our core. Don’t go back! Doesn’t matter how many times they text you saying they miss you, or show up at your window with a boom box playing 80s classic rock. Doesn’t matter! You’re better than that! You’re on your way to doing great things.

I don't care how cute he is or if it completely melts your heart!
I don’t care how cute he is or if it completely melts your heart!


A rebrand is just the beginning.


Ice Bucket Challenge: How The ALS Association Created Brand Awareness

Ice Bucket Challenge: How The ALS Association Created Brand Awareness

If you’ve viewed your social media feed at least once in the past two weeks, you’ve probably noticed the phenomenon ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. People are dousing themselves with ice cold water all throughout the world to support the ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) Association, which some people still confuse for the ASL Foundation (American Sign Language).

According to Facebook, 2.4 million videos have been shared relating to the ice bucket challenge and over 28 million people have posted, liked and/or commented about this trend. Additionally, the challenge has reached almost every country in the world.

The trend has been mentioned on Twitter more than 2.2 million times and over 800,000 times on Instagram.

This is a perfect example of people in support of your organization spreading a good deed through simply clicking the “share” button. It’s a chain effect. The only thing you need to is make note of your organization’s involvement and watch the magic happen while you create brand awareness.

ALS has received $31.5 million in donations for the July 29-Aug. 20 time period. Compare that to only $1.9 million during that same time period last year. These donations come from existing donors and 637,527 new donors. Yeah, and people say social media isn’t effective.

The challenge was in existence before Pete Frates, prior Divison 1 Boston College baseball athlete, picked it up in late July to support ALS — a progressive degeneration of the motor neurons of the central nervous system, leading to wasting of the muscles and paralysis.

The initial challenge was to dump a bucket of ice on yourself and if you didn’t accept the challenge then you had to donate $100 to a charity of your choice. Matt Lauer of the Today Show took the challenge after being dared by hall of fame golfer Greg Norman. The challenge started with pro golfer Rickie Fowler and then challenging his colleagues.

Now, celebrities and public figures continue to challenge each other as well as the general public too. Although there is some discord concerning if it’s just a “cop out” to take the challenge and not donate, however most celebrities promise to donate additionally.

No matter the reasoning for this challenge (potential slacktivism, but that’s another post), what matters is the power of social media and how an organization can continue to spread coverage through a positive image. It’s the epitome of spreading brand awareness and ALS Association is doing it effortlessly.


Below is a compilation of celebrities and public figures taking part in the challenge…

Pop Icon Britney Spears

Rapper 50 Cent

Football Player Matt Hasselback

Actor Vin Diesel

Former President George W. Bush


Actors Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron


Artist Justin Timberlake and Friends



British Rapper Devlin

A Quirky YouTube Hit by Rubius

And A Vanilla Ice Parody for ALS


Friday Freebies – 5 HD Blurred backgrounds

Friday Freebies – 5 HD Blurred backgrounds

STANCE’s Friday Freebies are a series of free useful/cool items posted every Friday, yes we know it’s awesome. We forward to bring a lot of great content that will sure help you elevate your daily life. Check out these awesome HD blurred backgrounds, that can be used on designs or just as cool wallpapers.






Is Social Media Keeping You Unemployed?

Is Social Media Keeping You Unemployed?

How many times have you been on your Facebook, saw someone post something all dramatic and thought- “oh geeze…”
How many times do you think someone else has thought that about one of your posts?

Fact is, we all make mistakes. Unfortunately for us, everything we do now is embellished, emphasized and retweeted/shared for the whole world to see. If you don’t want to share your secrets, don’t tell anyone. Same thing on social media.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”amd5555″ suffix=”#ragstoriches”]Social media is gaining huge traction in the workplace. Employers are now looking up your pages to learn more about you and who you are. [/inlinetweet]

CareerBuilder recently surveyed 2138 hiring managers and HR pros and 3022 adults employed across numerous industries. Almost half of employers said they use social media to research potential employees (43%) and 12% of the other half said they were going to start! This all leads to the greater question, “Why should I hire you?”

Why should I hire you?

According to your Facebook, you drink 5 nights out of the week, your friends are covered in tattoos and piercings and you flash the bird in 8/10 pictures. Does this really make me want to bring you around my clients? Sure, all of your friends think you’re the coolest kid ever, but you’re trying to sell yourself in a new market. They are the ones who need to think you’re cool- Cool and Professional.

Kevin Magee, Chairman and Chief Idea Officer of Smashing Pixels Inc wrote a humorous article titled, 10 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media. Take a look at them and filter out your profile if you want to get hired-also if you don’t want to get jacked. Really guys, don’t post your credit cared information on social media.

There is a brighter side!  There are people you should emulate. As much as your dumb and idiotic posts won’t get you the job, there are also posts and social media behavior that will!

A third of the employers surveyed said by looking at the social media pages of their candidates, they discovered things that made them want to hire them! The top 5 things employers look for when they are looking at your accounts and want to hire you are:
• Got a good (or better) feel for the candidate’s personality (46%).
• Candidate’s background supported his/her stated professional qualifications (45%).
• Candidate’s site projected a professional image (43%).
• Candidate apparently well-rounded, obviously had a wide range of interests (40%).
• Great communication skills (40%).



See, her Internet celebrity made her popular for her current employer 😉

Elevator of the Week: Cora Harrington (The Lingerie Addict)

Elevator of the Week: Cora Harrington (The Lingerie Addict)

This week’s Elevator is Cora Harrington or better known as The Lingerie Addict.

Not only is she a brand with a purpose, but she’s helping other brands with purposes spread their message as well.

Cora started The Lingerie Addict in 2008 in order to put her thoughts out there and provide honest reviews for unmentionables that were just that unmentionable! She started a dialogue about the lingerie industry, and arguably paved the way for many other lingerie bloggers out there. She has now expanded her website to have guests posts, regular writers, and cover touchy topics such as diversity. Her website is now garnering over 240,000 visits a month, and she’s a key influencer in the industry.

Cora has written about and has had guest posts about diversity expanding past body types and shapes. Although it may be important there are other issues of diversity that The Lingerie Addict has brought to the forefront such as; being a POC (person of color) in the industry, being a lesbian, identifying as gender-queer, or being a person with disabilities.

All Photo Credits to
All Photo Credits to

I was able to ask Cora some questions about her purpose and why she does what she does.

1. As you may or may not know I’m quite young and I’ve been a fan of your blog for quite awhile now, did you ever think that you would play a part in reaching out to teens? I’m so glad to hear you like my blog! No, I don’t think of myself as reaching out to teens specifically, but I try to be very open and explicit about making TLA a welcoming environment for all kinds of people. I think about the kind of site I wish I’d had access to 10 years ago, and that informs what I and my columnists talk about. It’s very exciting to me to hear that teenagers find it useful and relevant…so thank you!

2. You arguably have one of the largest reaches in the industry did you ever see yourself getting this big? No, not at all. I’m very open about the fact that I started my blog as a hobby, and that I came from a career path that had nothing to do with fashion, PR, marketing, journalism or anything else remotely related to lingerie or blogging. The Lingerie Addict’s growth (we’ve been around for 6 years now) has been both slow and organic, and is mostly attributable to word of mouth. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to do something I love so much every single day, and I don’t take it for granted.

3. On The Lingerie Addict you’ve talked about issues of discrimination and diversity, what made you want to start this dialogue in the lingerie industry because it really wasn’t prevalent before? That’s a big reason why I wanted to start this dialogue…because it wasn’t prevalent before. I fully admit that I was at first reluctant to talk about issues affecting me as a woman of color because I dreaded the inevitable negative push-back. Not only am I one of the few women of color blogging about lingerie, I’m also one of the most visible women of color in the entire undergarment industry. While I’m quite vocal and passionate about dealing with discrimination in my offline life, I had to seriously consider if I wanted to deal with it online as well…because that would mean having no break from this sort of thing at all. And as we all know, fatigue and burnout from confronting discrimination is a very real risk when you’re a minority person negotiating homogeneous spaces.

In my case, two things “pushed me over the edge,” so to speak, when it came to discussing discrimination and diversity on The Lingerie Addict. One, when I reached the position of being the largest lingerie blog in the world, I felt like I had an obligation to start the kinds of conversations I’d always wanted to see. It was very much a case of, “If not me, then who else?” Two, I had a number of unfortunate run-ins with other people in the industry, both prominent bra bloggers and other lingerie experts, who made it clear that they thought issues affecting women of color were irrelevant or unimportant because they weren’t centered on more popular topics like bra size. One of the worst things about being a person of color in our society is that you’re constantly dealing with people telling you, both overtly and covertly, that you don’t matter. I wanted to show the women of color who read my site that yes, you do matter. Issues affecting you are important issues. They are worth discussion and analysis and passionate debate. For me, placing diversity of all kinds (ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, ability, etc.) at the center of The Lingerie Addict is part of being the change I want to see in the lingerie industry.

4. Did you ever think you would play a role in empowering women? I hoped it would! It’s hard to know what other people will find empowering, but to me, it always goes back to creating the kind of site I wanted to see and that I wished was around when I was a young woman. Women are constantly told what they should be doing, and the world of lingerie is no exception. So much of the dialogue in the intimate apparel industry is focused on making the bodies of women more palatable to outside observers (“You must wear a bra! You must wear shape-wear! You must hide your nipples!” etc. etc.). It’s important to me to create and nurture a space where the focus is on wearing what you want to wear because you want to wear it. To me, choosing your own identity and then expressing that identity through your undergarments (even if society requires you to wear a different external “mask”) is incredibly empowering.

5. You help tell the stories of lingerie brands similar to how we here at STANCE tell the stories of brands/nonprofits we find meaningful; do you have certain things you look for in a lingerie brand you support? I do. While the focus is always on fashionable lingerie, I’m very interested in supporting ethically made, independent lingerie brands. I also keep an eye out for brands that are owned by women, people of color, persons with disabilities, or LGBTQ persons. In addition, it’s very important to me to feature brands that show diversity in their choice of models, whether that means using women of color, models with visible disabilities, older models, gender-queer models, and so on. The quality and the story of the lingerie is always first (we’re a fashion-focused lingerie blog, after all), but I also actively try to make space for a vision, aesthetic, or principles that are usually excluded from the mainstream industry.

6. You’re what we like to call a meaningful brand with a meaningful stance; if you summarize TLA into one motto or one mission statement what would it be? At it’s core, TLA is about finding lingerie for who you are.



You get the picture Cora Harrington or The Lingerie Addict truly is a meaningful brand. Make sure you click the links to check out Cora, and all the mentioned articles.

About the Elevator of the Week Series by Intern Yves

In the Elevator of the Week series we talk about people who are making a difference, and have created their own personal brand using the different values and techniques we here at STANCE use to support meaningful brands.

Elevator of the Week: Charles Ressler

Elevator of the Week: Charles Ressler

This week’s elevator is Charles Ressler a well known resident of our very own Las Vegas. I have never had the pleasure of meeting him (as much as I’d love to), but let’s talk about the awesome meaningful things he’s doing with his life.

First Friday’s Charles Ressler before he was with First Friday was a broadway actor, a Tony Hsieh associate, and a public-relations/special-events/marketing manager for the Bergdorf Goodman department store, owner of a music-production/management firm- among other things . As of late Ressler has made large contributions to the Downtown Project to revitalize downtown Las Vegas, and breakdown the facade of Vegas being home to only debauchery, gambling, drugs, etc. Ressler has also started #dreamMaker to try to help everyone’s dream come true.


You’re probably thinking “Dreams coming true that’s the corniest thing I have ever heard!” But the truth is making dreams come true is really what #dreamMaker is about. You tweet your hopes, dreams, aspirations, or whatever you like to call your thing with feathers with the #dreamMaker, and Charles will  try to help you not only set goals, but achieve them too. As Charles Ressler said,

There’s what the world is and what it can be, and I choose to be in the ‘can be.’ I can’t live in a world if it’s not about potential.

Check it out

First Friday

Back to First Friday. First Friday is an event where everyone is welcome to appreciate all sorts of art forms in Las Vegas. You’ll find visual and performing arts, music, food, and new people to connect with. The event gives local artists a platform to share their work, to sell their products, make a living, and to connect with other like-minded people in a common place. Many local artists get a boost from First Friday and many local businesses depend on this day every month. There is really no better example of culture and community coming together in Las Vegas than First Friday. It’s a great place for family and friends to gather and have a fun time.


Overall Charles Ressler is regarded as a caring individual with boundless joy when it comes to helping people. Make sure you click the links to check out Charles and everything else going on in Vegas.


About the Elevator of the Week Series by Intern Yves

In the Elevator of the Week series we talk about people who are making a difference, and have created their own personal brand using the different values and techniques we here at STANCE use to support meaningful brands.

You Have to Love Us

You Have to Love Us

I know you probably hate us, but we’re here to stay and we’re only getting worse.

While we were practicing our “Feeny Call” or fanboy’ing over the Spice Girls, the explosion of the millennials seemed to have happened overnight. We’re always on our phones, impolite, and as radical as ever. Unfortunately, we are also edgy, passionate, and continuously desire to learn.

Wait, that doesn’t sound so unfortunate after all.

Articles around us, along with the popular stereotypes generalize millennials into a category full of irrational, ignorant and immature people.
Well that’s just rude!
It is often forgotten how you were when you were younger and how you felt. Did you feel trapped by the pressures of the world? Were you told to marry young and bring in babies? Sorry, we were told that too, but we didn’t listen. We’re focused on what drives us, what makes us wake up everyday, what our purpose in this world really is. Didn’t you want to change the world at one time? Didn’t you want to neglect the boring repetition in your life for something meaningful?

Here’s what’s really cool about us. We hold VALUE. We know things you don’t, but we want to teach you. We want to spread the knowledge to everyone. We’re influencers, professionals, and just really cool people. That’s why we’re assets to companies: why while we are maybe unwanted, we are needed-especially in the workplace.

Our jobs are our lives, even though we don’t think of it that way. We constantly network, meet people, and create communities, although most of it is online now. We need feedback. Whether the feedback is positive or not, you need to at least keep it real. We value honesty, even if it’s not what we want to hear. It helps us know what path we’re on and that because you’re giving us attention, you are committed to us as much as we are to you. We just want to be wanted!

According to Paul McDonald in his article, Developing Millennials Into Your Firm’s Next Generation of Leaders, there are questions, we need your help answering. These specific questions make us feel more passionate and more committed to the company.
• Where am I going in my career?
• What’s important to my company?
• How does my role help the company reach its objectives?
• How can my company and my manager help me reach my goals?

So help us help you. Let’s blog together, tweet each other, and create cool handshakes.

We’re in this together for the long haul and we are just as excited as you.


11 Signs You’re a Social Media Addict

11 Signs You’re a Social Media Addict

So your phone is attached to your hip. What else is new? I mean you’re probably already addicted to social media, we all know that, but do you? If any of these signs are a reality for you, then yes…you’re addicted #readabook.

1. Hashtags are a part of your daily speak #amiright

2. You look at your phone just out of habit, knowing that there haven’t been any updates from the past 5 seconds.

3. You created an Instagram account for your pet cat (even though it’s your neighbors).

4. You post a pic of your food while on a first date.

5. You record yourself with the intention of making it a Vine/social media hit #notgonnahappen

6. You have a minor heart attack when your posts don’t upload.

7. You share every result you’ve ever gotten from a Buzzfeed quiz.

8. For all the pinned recipes you have on your “Food Must Make” board, you’ve made none of them.

9. You checked social media while reading this list #multitasking.

10. If you didn’t post it, it didn’t happen.


11. This list makes no sense to you…but you’re reading this from a social media post so #goldstar

So to prevent you from updating anymore social media, watch this 10-hour long video of Big Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows.