Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Positioning is also defined as the way by which the marketers attempt to create a distinct impression in the customer’s mind. Effective Brand Positioning is contingent upon identifying and communicating a brand’s uniqueness, differentiation and meaningful difference.

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As consumers, we are all influenced by the effects of a powerful brand positioning-“brainwashed,” so to speak-to have preference for one versus another. It also helps focus and narrow your field to harness a position that resonates. This will deliver additional profit and move your brand forward. It is also very exciting for all stakeholders. They willingly step up to the plate take the challenge to succeed.

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Build a Meaningful Brand

We believe that great brands stand for something. Brands that commit to a meaningful STANCE—and those who engage with them—win.

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STANCE is a Las Vegas Branding Agency dedicated to elevating meaningful brands by leveraging purpose, strategy, design, video & technology to deliver differentiation through strong positioning & beautifully designed brand touch points.

Our purpose is to elevate meaningful brands so that they can elevate the lives of those they serve.