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Rebrand -You Need To Let Go

Rebrand -You Need To Let Go

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”amd5555″ suffix=”#rebrandbreakup”]Going through a rebrand can be difficult. Like a break up. We didn’t necessarily end badly, but we still can’t be together. We need to let go.[/inlinetweet]

Let go of the negativity, let go of the bad memories, but still hold on to what makes you, well you. Because you’re cool! You just had someone else who made you seem less cool-and that sucks.


Rebranding is exactly the same. Your brand is cool. You already have traffic to your business, a well developed customer base, but you’re still lacking IT. You’re not where you want to be with your business, just like after a break up, you’re not where you want to be in life.

break up

So follow me through a post-breakup journey!

After a break up,

you probably change your look- a new haircut, new hair color, change outfit styles (btw, those shoes totally rock). How about a logo redesign for your business? Lets freshen up those colors, cleaner edges, a newer font! Because he was so last season…

After a break up,

you want to reconnect with your friends and the people you lost touch with when they were your everything. How about a customer survey or a social media campaign? Get to know your customers. Find out what they love about you, find out what they think you need to change (aside from drowning in your post breakup tears), and find out where they see you going. Their information is super valuable and FREE. They love you! They’ll do anything to see you succeed! Keep them around and use them to your advantage. It’s a win for you to have their input. It’s a win for them to see you flourish.

After a break up,

you want to be single. Single means you’re meeting new people, trying new things, and trying to find yourself again. Perfect! Find new customers, trying something fresh and hip-go with the times, but don’t lose that edge that made you different from everyone else. During the peak of love, we become comfortable, like our partners, satisfied. Single means we have a new lust for life! We become addicted to what the world is doing, and we want to become a part of it. Rebrand yourself! Rebrand your brand!

The hardest part after a break up is seeing things that remind you of that person wherever you go. “Oh, that’s where we shared our first milkshake together. That bench is where we had our first kiss. That new job is where he found his new girlfriend!”  <–that was a joke…

Anyway! It is hard, but nothing good is easy. We must strip ourselves of anything that is them, without losing ourselves, our core. Don’t go back! Doesn’t matter how many times they text you saying they miss you, or show up at your window with a boom box playing 80s classic rock. Doesn’t matter! You’re better than that! You’re on your way to doing great things.

I don't care how cute he is or if it completely melts your heart!
I don’t care how cute he is or if it completely melts your heart!


A rebrand is just the beginning.


Is Social Media Keeping You Unemployed?

Is Social Media Keeping You Unemployed?

How many times have you been on your Facebook, saw someone post something all dramatic and thought- “oh geeze…”
How many times do you think someone else has thought that about one of your posts?

Fact is, we all make mistakes. Unfortunately for us, everything we do now is embellished, emphasized and retweeted/shared for the whole world to see. If you don’t want to share your secrets, don’t tell anyone. Same thing on social media.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”amd5555″ suffix=”#ragstoriches”]Social media is gaining huge traction in the workplace. Employers are now looking up your pages to learn more about you and who you are. [/inlinetweet]

CareerBuilder recently surveyed 2138 hiring managers and HR pros and 3022 adults employed across numerous industries. Almost half of employers said they use social media to research potential employees (43%) and 12% of the other half said they were going to start! This all leads to the greater question, “Why should I hire you?”

Why should I hire you?

According to your Facebook, you drink 5 nights out of the week, your friends are covered in tattoos and piercings and you flash the bird in 8/10 pictures. Does this really make me want to bring you around my clients? Sure, all of your friends think you’re the coolest kid ever, but you’re trying to sell yourself in a new market. They are the ones who need to think you’re cool- Cool and Professional.

Kevin Magee, Chairman and Chief Idea Officer of Smashing Pixels Inc wrote a humorous article titled, 10 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media. Take a look at them and filter out your profile if you want to get hired-also if you don’t want to get jacked. Really guys, don’t post your credit cared information on social media.

There is a brighter side!  There are people you should emulate. As much as your dumb and idiotic posts won’t get you the job, there are also posts and social media behavior that will!

A third of the employers surveyed said by looking at the social media pages of their candidates, they discovered things that made them want to hire them! The top 5 things employers look for when they are looking at your accounts and want to hire you are:
• Got a good (or better) feel for the candidate’s personality (46%).
• Candidate’s background supported his/her stated professional qualifications (45%).
• Candidate’s site projected a professional image (43%).
• Candidate apparently well-rounded, obviously had a wide range of interests (40%).
• Great communication skills (40%).



See, her Internet celebrity made her popular for her current employer 😉

You Have to Love Us

You Have to Love Us

I know you probably hate us, but we’re here to stay and we’re only getting worse.

While we were practicing our “Feeny Call” or fanboy’ing over the Spice Girls, the explosion of the millennials seemed to have happened overnight. We’re always on our phones, impolite, and as radical as ever. Unfortunately, we are also edgy, passionate, and continuously desire to learn.

Wait, that doesn’t sound so unfortunate after all.

Articles around us, along with the popular stereotypes generalize millennials into a category full of irrational, ignorant and immature people.
Well that’s just rude!
It is often forgotten how you were when you were younger and how you felt. Did you feel trapped by the pressures of the world? Were you told to marry young and bring in babies? Sorry, we were told that too, but we didn’t listen. We’re focused on what drives us, what makes us wake up everyday, what our purpose in this world really is. Didn’t you want to change the world at one time? Didn’t you want to neglect the boring repetition in your life for something meaningful?

Here’s what’s really cool about us. We hold VALUE. We know things you don’t, but we want to teach you. We want to spread the knowledge to everyone. We’re influencers, professionals, and just really cool people. That’s why we’re assets to companies: why while we are maybe unwanted, we are needed-especially in the workplace.

Our jobs are our lives, even though we don’t think of it that way. We constantly network, meet people, and create communities, although most of it is online now. We need feedback. Whether the feedback is positive or not, you need to at least keep it real. We value honesty, even if it’s not what we want to hear. It helps us know what path we’re on and that because you’re giving us attention, you are committed to us as much as we are to you. We just want to be wanted!

According to Paul McDonald in his article, Developing Millennials Into Your Firm’s Next Generation of Leaders, there are questions, we need your help answering. These specific questions make us feel more passionate and more committed to the company.
• Where am I going in my career?
• What’s important to my company?
• How does my role help the company reach its objectives?
• How can my company and my manager help me reach my goals?

So help us help you. Let’s blog together, tweet each other, and create cool handshakes.

We’re in this together for the long haul and we are just as excited as you.


Brand With A Purpose-Someone Cares

Brand With A Purpose-Someone Cares

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found a Meaningful Brand with a Purpose!

At one time or another, everyone suffers from what life throws our way. But, there are times when what’s thrown is more severe than anything we thought we can handle, and it usually happens at a time in our lives when most vulnerable-our teen years. What do we do? Who do we turn to? How can we move on? Most of the time when we experience something like this, all we really need is someone to be able to empathize with us-someone to tell us they care. We have found a brand with a purpose who can show us there is someone who believes.

Someone Cares

Brand with a purpose Someone Cares is a brand telling you that you can do whatever you set your mind to, you can succeed. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@amd5555″ suffix=”#brandwithapurpose”]Whether you or your teen suffer from Body Image, Self Esteem, Bullying, Stress and Anxiety, Drugs and Alcohol, or Self Harm, these problems can be resolved with someone proving they care about what matters-YOU.[/inlinetweet]

To counter negative self-esteem perspectives, Someone Cares works with young teenage girls to help them feel beautiful like we know they are. Girls aged 12-19 get a full day of learning about make up application and hair styling, to see themselves in a new perspective, where they believe they are beautiful. When the makeup and styling is complete, the girls get to take a professional photo-a memento of the day they felt confident and secure in themselves.

This self-esteem workshop is being held on September 6 from 10am to 4pm in the Enterprise Library Meeting Room. The workshop is a only $40-a small price for allowing you or your child to feel whole again. Sponsorship is available if there  is an impossibility to pay. To donate to the cause and become a sponsor, please email Regina Bailey at . To sign up for the event, please visit their Eventbrite page. Don’t pass up a wonderful opportunity to feel beautiful and confident again, because someone does care.

Family problems are yet another major dysfunction in many teen’s lives. Someone Cares holds biannually a Fix My Family Workshop to combat the struggles teens face in their most influential aspect of their lives. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider joining the workshop:

Do you struggle tow get your teen out of their bedroom to do anything?

Does your teen have an attitude problem?

Do you feel like you just can’t seem to do anything right?

Do you wish someone could help repair the bond you had to that baby?

During this workshop, the two of you will learn so much about each other and learn to communicate with respect for one another, without feeling like you don’t know the person next to you anymore.

If you believe the relationship between you and your teen can benefit from this workshop, click here and learn more about all the details.  Or if you just want to get more information on what you’re going through or how you can help someone else going through the same thing, check out the Someone Cares blog.

Our STANCE on Value

Our STANCE on Value

We have taken a solid stance on the word value.


Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein


Value is a word that is thrown around nowadays. When something is overused, you tend to forget the actual meaning. For example, the word asylum comes from the Greek word asylon which means sanctuary. Synonyms for this word are shelter, haven and retreat. Unfortunately, this isn’t what comes to mind when we hear the word asylum. We have negative thoughts- where “crazy” people are sent-and that may have to do with our tendency to put the word insane in front of it. Either way, as we use language throughout time and in different contexts, the social standard for the word changes. This is what is happening to the word value.

Value is used in numerous ways, mainly in monetary examples. You saved money at the grocery store, “Oh what a great value!” or as an assigned worth, “This vase is very valuable.” But if you think about it, we have it all wrong.


Einstein clearly separated value from success. When you go to the grocery store and save money, we think of it as a success. When we are auctioning off a painting for charity, we want the greatest amount of money because it will be successful to sell it for a larger amount. We forget what value really is and the actual value the word has.

Value should be defined socially as the merit, the worth, the importance of. Sure, its the first definition that pops up in Google, but its not the first one that pops up in our minds.

Value is different from success because you can hold importance and merit without being successful. Being successful means you are wealthy, you have a high position, or numerous honors, but it doesn’t mean you actually hold any value!

When Einstein tells us to strive to be valuable, it means we need to hold a merit, to be important, to serve a purpose. Success isn’t mandatory and if you really were a person of value, success wouldn’t even be necessary because with value comes being humble.  This word[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”amd5555″ suffix=”#takeastanceonvalue”] “value” is skewed in our minds because we tie it with success and as our culture has determined, the only people who are worth value, are those who are successful.[/inlinetweet]

This is false.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”amd5555″ suffix=”#takeastanceonvalue”]The people who are truly valuable don’t need to be successful because they are content with serving their purpose and guiding others.[/inlinetweet]


This is what value truly stands for.

The Power of Colors in Branding

The Power of Colors in Branding

Colors are vital to the success of your brand.

color wheel, branding

Often times the importance of colors are overlooked when branding. The color palette for your brand should be determined only after research of your target audience and once the personality of your brand is defined. How easy would it be for a new business owner to simply pick their favorite colors for their brand? Super easy, but it shouldn’t work that way!

Step One:

The colors chosen for your brand should tie along with the purpose and the personality you want to convey to your customers.

Let’s imagine a few scenarios really quick:
Imagine if the whole world was blue. Trees were blue, grass was blue, your skin was blue, everything blue.
How would you feel? Which emotions would you feel most?
Again, imagine if the whole world was red? How about black?

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@amd5555″ suffix=””]Our emotions change with the colors we see. Every color has a purpose and a personality attached to it.[/inlinetweet]

Allow me  to help you get an idea of the type of colors best for your brand. You probably have an idea, but it’s usually not as apparent as it may seem.
You have a baby clothing brand, your colors should reflect pastels and should be gender neutral-yellow, green.
You have a Hawaiian restaurant. Your colors should reflect the Hawaiian community. Bright pinks, bright greens.

In regards to making your colors reflect your purpose, here at STANCE, our colors are red and tangaroa. Red is a bold, strong color associated with motivation and a desire to take action. Tangaroa (sample here) is a deep blue color. Dark blues instill trust and authority while still maintaining stability. We are trustworthy, highly motivated and action oriented, yet still stable and strong. Our colors reflect how we have positioned ourselves and our promise to our customers.

Choose the colors that will reflect your brand’s personality best-how you want the customer’s to perceive your brand. We are visual people. We get an idea of a person by what they’re wearing and the colors they use when presenting themselves. Your brand colors should do the same.

Color creates, enhances, changes, reveals, and establishes the mood of the painting. –Kiff Holland

Step Two:

These colors should relate to the brand’s target audience and still be visually appealing. During research, it should be determined the demographic of your primary audience and the colors that most influence them.

menvswomen colors when branding


Step Three:

A brand’s colors will also create consistency.  These colors will be everywhere in your business-logo design, collateral, websites, social media, packaging, etc. If it turns out the colors are not depicting what you had in mind, you’ll have to start over and that can be costly.

color branding collateral


Once step three is accomplished, the colors chosen for the brand should relate all of the personality the brand has to its target audience. The colors should also be used in all forms of business material to create consistency throughout the brand. Let your colors prove to the world your purpose.

Brand with a Purpose – theCream

Brand with a Purpose – theCream

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found a Meaningful Skincare Brand with a Purpose!

In a world full of beauty and the next best thing, we are constantly bombarded with products promising to elevate your life. Unfortunately, the majority of these products are false hopes- filled with unnatural preservatives, short lasting effects, and watered down active ingredients. Fortunately, there is hope and I’m spreading the wonderful news!



I recently was introduced to theCream-a moisturizer that is 100% natural and made with Colostrum. For those of you who might not know what Colostrum is, it is a protein filled form of milk produced in mammals to be given to their babies right after birth. When used as a moisturizer, it aids the growth of cells and the reproduction of skin cells. theCream gets its Colostrum from natural grass fed cows in New Zealand, a place known for its knowledge in dairy sciences. If mammals produce this to give life to their babies, it will give life to our skin.


My meaningful experience with theCream:

After one application of theCream, my skin felt remarkable. I have naturally dry skin, with excess oil in my t-zone. I didn’t have that problem when I used theCream. I felt refreshed and moist. My skin wasn’t tight nor oily. The effects lasted the whole day and I was able to wear my normal makeup over it. After only three days of use, my skin felt new! I didn’t have dry, flakey skin and I didn’t need as much powder throughout the day. It really felt like layers of bad skin had been removed and replaced with soft, moist, and fresh looking skin. It’s great to see a product like this available for everyone. theCream is a genuine product that isn’t watered down and doesn’t have any ingredients you can’t pronounce.

[inlinetweet prefix=”theCream is a brand with a purpose.” tweeter=”@stancebranding” suffix=”#brandwithapurpose”]theCream is a brand with a purpose.[/inlinetweet]

They want what’s best for not only their customers, but for the world. They don’t want us to put unnatural and harmful ingredients on our skin. theCream  moisturizes our skin even better than all of the other moisturizers and will do it without harming our bodies. It gives me hope to see a brand in a world of false promises actually prove to be beneficial to our health.   Check out their video below. It’s definitely an eye opener.



Please share some brands you have also found to have a meaningful purpose. It’s always nice to elevate the lives of those around us.

Productive Napping at Work

Productive Napping at Work

Have you ever noticed how once you become familiar with something new, you begin to see the same idea everywhere? This happens a lot with me. For example, I’ll learn a new word, then all of a sudden it seems, I begin to hear this word everywhere! I’ll hear about a book I want to read, then all kinds of people will come up to me telling me how they’ve also already read this book and how amazing it is.

This odd coincidence happened to me this week. If you all don’t already know, I’m a busy person. I manage my life around two jobs and a full-time school curriculum. At times it seems impossible of course, but I try to push through it. They tell me there’s this light at the end of the tunnel. I think I may still be wearing my sunglasses. Hopefully that’s the only reason I can’t always see it.

Anyway! Since I have been extra busy this week, I have been advised to take a nap, while at work, on the company couch, during operating hours. This just seems completely ridiculous to me. Now, ridiculous has a negative stigma attached to it. I don’t mean laughable or stupid necessarily, but it’s just not a concept I have ever really thought of before!


Here’s where it gets weird.


Part of my job here at STANCE is to become familiar with other blog posts out there on the web and also generate insight for my followers on social media platforms. I try to use these blog posts as the insight for my followers because I hope one day, someone else will use my information as the knowledge they’re providing their followers. Usually, on a normal week, the information that I find is more so on the basis of logistics or marketing tools. This week, I noticed way more information on the health benefits of napping, and napping while at work! YES, this is an actual thing, people!

According to the information I found, a 20 minute nap can completely revolutionize your once tired body into a lean mean, branding machine (okay, that wasn’t necessarily the word usage. I improvised a little). I always turned down the offer of napping because I felt that I wouldn’t want to wake up and I would be so groggy when I awoke that I would not want to accomplish anything after.

Apparently, [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@stancebranding” suffix=””]while you’re napping for a mere 20 minutes, the whole world refocuses and becomes a better place for you to be productive[/inlinetweet]. The stars align and all of a sudden, you can do anything! That’s probably why they call them power naps though. In only 10-20 minutes of sleeping, alertness and motor learning skills are improved and your learning capacity is broadened. So whenever you feel tired and unproductive, instead of trying to push through, take a nap. Twenty minutes of your time for a nap will be nothing compared to the amount of time you will waste while being unproductive.
All this typing made me tired. Time for a nap.

Branch into Brand Architecture

Branch into Brand Architecture

Think of a family tree.

Regardless of how far it goes back, you see many branches-grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, children etc.
Family trees structure a family and determine how each is tied together.

Now,  let’s think of a family name.

The father usually carries the name and then the children he produces carry on his name. 
This name links a family together, loses other members in the process, but depending on what same may call fate, the name is carried on through the birth of new children.


Family trees behave similarly to brand architecture. A company has a whole lineage of brands: parent brands (grandparents), subbrands (parents) , and then endorsed brands (children). Brand architecture links all of the brands together, but also differentiates them based on their purpose.

Parent Brands

Parent brands are extensions of a brand into many different product categories. Examples include companies like Apple or Microsoft that have many different products, but the products are associated with their name.


Subbrands are new brands that are still tied to the parent brand, but have created an identity for themselves. They are more relevant to a new target or to a different product category. For example, Apple’s introduction of their iPhones created a subbrand for their company.

Endorsed Brands

Endorsed brands are the brands people are most familiar with and are household names. They are given credibility by the subbrand and the parent brand, but are their own identity in the customer’s eyes. An example of an endorsed brand would be the specific iPhone 5 or the iPhone 5c. They are specific products working under both the iPhone and the Apple name.

Family names are just more examples of how the branding and sub branding works. Defined with brand architecture, the “family name” of your brand will be determined, and then the following “children” will be linked to it. These sub-brands still have their own identity -they’re still people anyway!

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”StanceBranding” suffix=””]Brand architecture narrows the focus of a company and determines the levels of the brand and how they relate to each other[/inlinetweet], if they do. Grandma may not be related to Cousin. Furthermore, it also determines which brands need the main focus and if there is any that are parasites to your company and success.

Family trees are important. They determine our identity and explain our history. Without them, we would have no idea who we are and the who are the greatest influencers in our lives. Family names allow us to know our direct identity, the people we share our immediate relevance with. These determine our own brand architecture. They help us know our levels and how all of our levels complete us as a whole.

The One Persona

The One Persona

Soft blue eyes, a killer smile, six foot minimum, no children, a degree, preferably in a sustainable field, close to family, isn’t too stable in his career but there is room to grow, honest, funny…

Finding the person you will spend the rest of your life with is not an easy task. Some people spend their whole lives finding that one special person.

During the time leading up to finding the prize, we create a persona of a person we would like to attract. We create a profile for them. Whether it be if he has a dog or if he has money in the bank, we know him. They wake up at 7am, take the dog out, then make themselves a bowl of cereal with a banana on the side. This fantasy world goes on for the rest of their day.

The point is that we develop a persona for our target audience, the people we want to attract. The same needs to happen with your brand. A persona needs to be created for the exact target audience. You need to visualize what your customer does throughout their day and how your brand will be intertwined. You are going to spend the rest of your brand’s life with its persona. Therefore, you need to make sure you can commit and be serious about your new relationship.

The only real way of knowing a persona is to know its ins and outs, its secrets, and how you both can have a meaningful relationship.